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Specialized Training: Fire Systems Inspection and Testing

Everyone knows that the best system in the world can prove useless without proper training. NFP provides specialized training in Fire Systems Inspection and Testing to keep everyone informed and up to speed. We can even offer your on-site maintenance staff a rapid certification that allows your organization to save money on quarterly and annual inspections, while we handle your major certifications at an affordable, contracted rate.

Fire Systems: Service and Maintenance

To ensure their reliability, fire systems must be inspected, tested and maintained. Nielsen’s Fire Protection, Inc.’s qualified and experienced staff stands ready to provide service and maintenance that will keep your fire protection systems reliable and code compliant. 

Specialty System Testing: Foam, Deluge, Dry, Pre-Action and Stand Pipes

Nielsen’s Fire Protection, Inc. is one of only a few companies in Southern California with the experience necessary to service specialty systems such as: foam, deluge, dry, pre-action, and stand pipes. We perform all the required tests and inspections because preventative maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run

Code Assessments

Local fire departments are starting to enforce quarterly inspections, main drain testing and checking shut-off valves and obstructions. Nielsen’s Fire Protection, Inc. will provide the inspection and maintenance to help you comply with fire department code and corrections.


Fire Sprinkler System Inspection, Testing & Repair

Properly installed and maintained automatic fire sprinkler systems help save lives. Because fire sprinkler systems react so quickly, they can dramatically reduce the heat, flames and smoke produced in a fire. Timely inspection of your fire protection system results in lower insurance rates and the confidence of knowing that your fire protection system is working properly and in compliance with local fire codes.

Fire Hose Analysis

Just like any other fire protection system, fire hose equipment must be inspected routinely to ensure that it is in proper working order in the event of an emergency. NFP provides inspection, testing and repair of hose, couplings, and any nozzles to determine that your fire hose is code compliant and ready when you need it. 

Insurance Audits

The purpose of insurance is to make you whole after a loss.  But insurance can be complicated.  Hundreds of policy exceptions and stipulations can put your business at risk when you think you're protected.  Allow NFP to audit your insurance policies to identify any exposure you may have in the event of a loss.  

NFPA Regulations

Periodic inspections are required to ensure proper working order of the fire protection equipment and to ensure your system meets the requirements of local jurisdictions and the National Fire Protection Association. Nielsen’s Fire Protection, Inc understands the NFPA’s codes and standards to ensure regulations are met and maintained.

OSHA Compliance

Compliance with laws, such as OSHA regulations, is very important to the safety of your organization. Nielsen’s Fire Protection, Inc. has the knowledge and resources to help you comply and maintain OSHA standards and regulations. 

24-Hour Emergency Response Services & Crisis Resolution

Nothing is more rewarding than being able to help in a time of need. We provide 24 hour emergency services so you can count on us to be there, and crisis resolution to offer management and support to individuals experiencing a crisis.

backflow Assembly Testing and Repair

Protect your water supply for your family and customers. If contamination occurs the backflow device is most often your only protection. NFP can diagnose and repair problems with backflow prevention assemblies. Backflow assemblies are fully reviewed and examined to determine how they function and whether or not they are operating correctly. 

Portable Fire Extinguisher Testing, Breakdown, Service

NFP is dedicated to serving your needs through our prompt and reliable service. Maintenance of your fire extinguishers and other fire prevention equipment is vital for the safety and security of you and your employees, customers, residents, and business. We provide regular, scheduled maintenance according to California Fire Code. Our service is flexible to the specific needs of your building or complex.