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Cannabis Boom - Protecting Against the Risks of Fire


As more and more states relax their cannabis laws, the expansion of the industry is rapidly accelerating and attracting a new class of investment professionals.   These new growers are investing vast sums of capital into infrastructure and plants, and as such they are becoming increasingly concerned about how to best protect and insure their investments.   One of the industries’ major concerns, aside from theft, is fire. Fire is an ever present hazard given growers’ tendencies to use various artificial methods to produce large amounts of carbon dioxide to enhance plant growth.  There have been a number of incidents nationwide of where accelerants have caused catastrophic fires and explosions. 

Insurance, to some extent, can mitigate much, but not all of the financial risk to their “cash crop”.  Whereas state-of-the-art fire safety, fire-protection, and fire-suppression, can often minimize the very risk of fire and ultimately limit any actual damage; all while serving to keep insurance premiums much lower.   Bill Catanese, President of Union American Insurance Agency, has already written several policies that insure against the risk of such loses.
As an independent agent, Bill Catanese represents over 100 of the nation’s top carriers.  Therefore, he has the freedom to search out and find the most comprehensive coverage at the very best price for his clients.     In order to learn more about fire risks, safety protocols and the best suppression systems for growers, Mr. Catanese reached out to one of California’s preeminent fire protection and mitigation experts…TJ Nielsen of Nielsen’s Fire Protection. 

TJ Nielsen has nearly 40-years at the forefront of defining fire safety, minimizing risk and designing and installing the most sophisticated state-of-the-art suppression and detection systems. Mr. Nielsen spent nearly 20 years as a fire safety and protection expert in both the Air Force and later with Northrop Grumman charged with protecting billions of dollars of the nation’s most sophisticated aircraft from the risk of fire. 

For the past 20 years TJ Nielsen has been co-owner with this his wife Kim Nielsen of Nielsen’s Fire Protection.  The firm has enjoyed the confidence of a number of large clients such as the retailer Target.  Nielsen’s Fire has long held an exclusive contract covering all fire safety and fire-maintenance for all of the Target stores throughout the state of California. Nielsen’s Fire has recently been engaged in talks with several large growers regarding the development of “best-practices” of Cannabis fire safety, fire protection and loss prevention.   Not only will the protocols developed by Nielsen’s Fire limit the risk of fire and property loss, but additionally, it can save lives, and by substantially reducing risks lower fire insurance premiums.